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Attractions and Things to do in Jacksonville | Onslow County Tourism


Jacksonville is a thriving community, due in large part to the city's deep military roots. As the home to the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Air Station New River, the city's deep military roots are ever-present. Museums, the oldest operating USO, tours, and more demonstrate our loyal connection to the USMC.

But the military isn't all the city has to offer. Environmental facilities, arts and cultural events, and outdoor opportunities balance out what it is that Jacksonville truly offers.

Explore Lynwood Zoo, which is home to 80 distinctive species of animals, from Alligators to Zebras. Discover farms like 30 Acres and a Mule and Papa's Farm, which offer gem mining along the coast, a petting zoo, and lessons on corn grinding.

Natural spaces allow for everything from paddling and kayaking to fishing to hiking. Plus, countless festivals and celebrations make it possible to find something fun to do no matter what the season.

There's always something to do in Jacksonville.