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Onslow County Tourism

Story Ideas

Beirut Memorial SaluteThey Came In Peace – The Beirut Memorial

In 1982, many Americans did not know exactly where Beirut was, let alone the significance of its strategic importance it had to the United States at that time.   In August of that year, Marines stepped ashore for a peacekeeping mission intended to help the Lebanese people and its government.  For the U.S. Marines, the Beirut incident just a couple of months later in October of that year, was the largest loss of life in a single action of Americans oversees since Vietnam.  Jacksonville, North Carolina, home of Camp Lejeune, welcomes all who visit The Beirut Memorial that honors those men that lived among us and gave so much.  

Download:  Beruit Memorial Observation Image  

Vietnam Memorial in Jacksonville, NC at LeJeune Memorial Gardens

The Vietnam War was the longest in our nation's history, with over nine million men and women who served.  Situated in Jacksonville, North Carolina, home of Camp Lejeune, the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the largest in the nation and stands as recognition to the veterans of all five branches of the Armed Forces who served on active duty as well as the POW/MIAs still unaccounted for.  A walkway and bridge lead to the beautiful glass walls that encompass the central lighted fountain of the memorial and are inscribed with the names of all the men and women who lost their lives.  We will never forget. 

Download: Vietnam Memorial Observation Image

Weddings in Onslow County – More options than just the beach

The natural beauty of Onslow County offers young couples many wedding venues in addition to the beach, with that spark of authenticity and an unfussy rural or outdoor setting that they may be looking for.  Whether it be Sturgeon City Park, for a small intimate ceremony with its boardwalk and large green hills overlooking Wilson Bay, The Barn at the infamous Mike’s Farm or Equine Country for a bride and groom to enjoy a horse drawn carriage, Onslow County is the perfect location in Eastern North Carolina to spotlight the beautiful outdoors as a primary element of a couple’s big day. 

Download: Equine Country Wedding Hall Image

Paddling the waterways in Onslow County

Onslow County has been graced with an abundance of beautiful venues for the outdoor enthusiast.  In addition to our beautiful beaches, as part of the North Carolina coast, both freshwater and saltwater paddling is available for every level of expertise. Freshwater trails include the New River and the White Oak River. For saltwater enthusiasts, the Intracoastal Waterway runs along the eastern boundary of the county and provides entrance to the open ocean and the tributaries and marshes that surround the hundreds of barrier islands nestled near the coast.  Several are offered at Hammocks Beach State Park.  Come check it out!

Download: Kayaking in Swansboro Image

A Hero’s Welcome

Onslow County and the City of Jacksonville are proud of the heroes that live among us in the form of those who are performing their service for their Country.  They enhance the fabric of our community and enrich our lives by their presence.  We are truly a caring community and we extend that care to the visitors to our area with a hero’s welcome that is unmistakable and genuine.  Jacksonville has been recognized as an All-America City because our community has come together repeatedly to help our military families and loved ones, to help someone in need, and the ongoing spirit to help each other continues to this day.  Visitors can come enjoy Onslow County’s natural beauty and the pride that we have as patriotism and caring is what we stand for. 

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