Onslow County is proud to salute our military, both past and present, and the mark the United States Marine Corps has made on our community. Unique tributes, museums, and tours provide an inside look into the area’s military roots and active presence.

J7: National Montford Point Marine Museum

J7: The National Montford Point Marine Museum was established to preserve the legacy of the Montford Point Marines. The museum was designed to collect, record, preserve and display the largest collection of photos, documents, papers and artifacts of the Montford Point Marines.

The museum's mission is to forever capture the unique history of African American Marines from 1942 to 1949.

The Marines of Montford Point entered through its main gate as mere men of color, who had pride, courage and dedication. During the 1940s these men traveled a road that was not paved. They graduated to become Marines and brought the American people and the U.S. Marine Corps into a new era. Today many of the Marines who traveled through this groundbreaking period of American and Marine Corps history have contributed their life's successes to the pain, sacrifices, and rewards that were earned at Montford Point.

The national museum is housed on the hollowed grounds of Montford Point Camp in the East Wing of building M101, Marine Corps Base Camp Johnson, Jacksonville, NC. Finney Greggs is the museum director.

The museum is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-2pm and 4-7pm.  On Saturdays the museum is open from 11-4pm.

Call 910-450-1340 to schedule a group  tour.

Building M101, Marine Corps Base, Camp Gilbert H. Johnson, Jacksonville, North Carolina

Phone:(910) 450-1340


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