Onslow County is proud to salute our military, both past and present, and the mark the United States Marine Corps has made on our community. Unique tributes, museums, and tours provide an inside look into the area’s military roots and active presence.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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Nestled in the tall pines of Lejeune Memorial Gardens is the Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Featuring all 58,000+ names who made the ultimate sacrific for their country while serving in Vietnam, this memorial one of the largest Vietnam memorials in the nation. It is dedicated to all the men and women, from all branches of the military, who served during the Vietnam era.

Located near the Beirut Memorial & the 911 Iron in Lejeune Memorial Gardens (outside Camp Johnson) on Montford Point Road in Jacksonville, NC, it is one of several military sites in the area devoted to those who have served and continue to serve our nation.   


Montford Point Road, Lejeune Memorial Gardens, Jacksonville
Distance from Jacksonville: 5.55 miles


The Onslow Vietnam Memorial is one of the largest Vietnam Memorials in the nation.


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