Parks & Recreation

Onslow County is provides many Parks and Recreation opportunties.   Visitors and residentes enjoy beautiful natural environments and recreational activities.  Visit our parks, beaches, running trails and walkways.

Trails, Greenways & Bicycle Routes

For the bicycler, walker, runner or skater looking for a wide range of trails, Onslow County has the means to scratch that itch! Jacksonville City to the Sea and the Richlands Bicycle Loop are just two of the options for leisure and athletic riders alike. From short, 1-3 mile trails and greenways throughout Jacksonville, to the adventurous 50-mile Richlands Loop, there is a trail for everyone's tastes. Bicycle routes are marked throughout Onslow County with green and white signs and smooth, flat, paved paths. The routes travel through downtown districts, past rural country towns, farms, fields and scenery unique to Onlsow County. Jacksonville City to the Sea boasts a 21-mile ride from the Jacksonville Mall to Hammocks Beach State Park in Swansboro. This trail takes the rider on an alternate route to Swansboro, bypassing Highway 24 and instead utilizing the serene, country roads native to coastal Carolina. Other trails of interest might be the Swansboro Bicentennial Bicycle Route, or the largest trail, the Ports of Call bicycle route spanning from South Carolina to Virginia.


Whatever your destination, Onslow County has a beautiful country route, trail or greenway to get you there, just call Onslow County Tourism at (800) 932-2144 for color brochures and maps of the trails.




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