Locals are often found enjoying open water kayaking, kayak trails, boating excursions or a day of fresh-water or salt-water fishing.  Mild weather and many waterways make Onslow an ideal place to explore from the water.  Or spend a day on the greens, shooting range or race track.  Visit our friends at the Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission to learn about upcoming athletic tournaments and more sporting events in our area.

Southwest Paintball

Southwest Paintball The Place to Play Paintball!!  We are the premier paintball facility offering you the best facilitys and paintball fields for the same price or less than the competition so why would you not choose Southwest Paintball for your paintball outting.  We are a full service facility.  We have Rental Equipment for those new comers.  We have a complete pro shop with all type of equipment for every level of player.  5 Paintball fields with 2 speedball fields, 1 Urban Combat Course, 1 Action Town Course, 1 Woods Course!! 

910-353-PLAY (7529)

When chosing something always choose the best for your money and the best experience.  We guarantee that you will have a better experience and enjoy our paintball fields more than the competition!  Please review our website and photos of our facilitys and compare them and you will make the right choice, Southwest Paintball!! 910-353-7529


130 Imperial Lane, Jacksonville
Distance from Jacksonville: 5.96 miles


Southwest Paintball The place to play paintball in Jacksonville, NC. We have rental equipment and the most diverse paintball fields around a total of 5 paintball fields!!


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