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Walton's Distillery

Our facility is the product of years of hard work. We currently produce corn whiskey and moonshine. Though a native of Onslow County, I lived in Kentucky for several years. During my stay in Kentucky I visited several distilleries and started gathering information on eventually setting up one on my own. I especially became fascinated with the production of bourbon. By federal standards bourbon must be at least 51% corn and aged in a new oak barrel for a period of not less than 2 years. Of course at this point in our distillery we cannot afford to acquire the barrels (good ones are upwards of $400.00 each) and part with 50 gallons of whiskey for 2 years. My next best option was to seek to imitate some of the attractive features of bourbon, the caramel, vanilla tones, the amber color, the smoothness that is facilitated by fine grains and the constant interaction with the charred oak barrel. We also needed to produce a fine whiskey that could be readily available with minimum aging. After several months of testing variations with grains and post distillation techniques we settled upon a product that is 100% corn, distilled 5 times and subjected to toasted oak chips for a period of 2 months. Our whiskey is distilled 4 times in a 325 gallon column still and a final and fifth time in a 150 gallon pot still. The result: E.M. Walton's Corn Whiskey. E.M. Walton's Corn Whiskey is one of the smoothest whiskeys you will find. We use only local grains in producing our corn whiskey. Under family pressure, I was urged to also make a moonshine product. My cousin Norwood Rochelle came forward and offered to show me the way he had made moonshine for some 50 years. We worked on building a still all from scratch, getting the parts from J & E Salvage in Jacksonville. Our moonshine is based with pure cane sugar and contains a combination of corn, wheat and rye. The result: Junior Walton's Authentic Carolina Moonshine. The distillery is always buzzing with activity. Visit our webpage, join our Facebook or simply drop in to check us out. You will see all stages of distillation from the mashing process to the bottling process. From time to time we have live bluegrass and other special events, but mostly we are simply a working distillery. Hope to hear from you soon.

261 Ben Williams Road, Jacksonville


Walton's Distillery is a craft distillery producing small batch corn whiskey and moonshine. Free tours of the facility are available on Saturdays from 10 am until 5 pm or by appointment. Free tastings and limited sales of its products are also offe


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