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Recreational, sport and commercial fishing has deep roots in our coastal communities of Onslow County.  If you’re interested in casting a line or two, you might catch your own dinner and enjoy seafood at its freshest!

For the land-based angler, head over to Seaview Fishing Pier or enjoy walking along North Topsail Beach and fish the surf and the areas around the inlets. At the extreme northern end of the island, you can drive onto the beach in a small section if you wish and fish the New River Inlet area.  Be sure to obtain a permit and review the rules and regulations from the Town of North Topsail Beach.

Saltwater fishing from both land and boat is an anglers dream in Onslow.  You’ll find an abundance of speckled trout, flounder, red drum, bluefish, sea mullet(whiting), croaker, Spanish mackerel, and spot in our waters.   Those that have larger boats can fish for cobia, Mahi (dolphin), king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, grey trout, flounder, black sea bass, various groupers and more.  Unless you are fishing from a pier, head boat or charter, you must have the appropriate license to fish saltwater.

Freshwater fishing opportunities are available along the New River in Jacksonville and the White Oak River in Swansboro.  Anglers enjoy catches of speckled trout, red drum, flounder as well as largemouth bass, sunfish and white catfish.

Visit to obtain information about obtaining a fishing license in addition to rules, regulations and related guidelines.

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