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Tourism Services

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Onslow County Tourism provides many tourism-related services.  The Tourism office is under contract with the Onslow County Board of Commissioners and governed by the Jacksonville Tourism Development Authority.  There’s always a lot happening in our vibrant area.  If you have questions about any services shown here, or you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us for help.

Services Overview

Tourism Advisory Committee

Onslow County Tourism is responsible to maintain the Tourism Advisory Committee comprised of 18 individuals representing their positions, localities, or properties. The group assists the tourism office with decisions and projects by providing information from their areas of expertise.

Hospitality/Visitor Services

  • Visitor Centers: at Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce (JOCOC) and satellites at Onslow County Museum, Swansboro Chamber, EEC in Sneads Ferry
  • Maintain/Update 4 websites: Onslow County Tourism ( site, ENC regional site, Coast Host site, and State of NC site. ONLY recognized provider for State website.
  • Monitor and Maintain Social Media Channels.
  • Provide Tourism Packages for reunions, business groups, school groups, for hospital recruitment and economic development.
  • Present monthly ‘Service Rewards’ to outstanding front-line customer service staff to recognize the importance of their role in serving visitors. One annual winner is recognized at JOCOC Annual Luncheon from these 30 individuals as the tourism person of the year.
  • Provide a Calendar of Events on the website for folks to enter an event.
  • Provide locally purchased products for door prizes and gifts for major groups coming into the area.
  • Create/produce videos for local use, state welcome centers, websites, and G10/Charter 14.
  • Provide and maintain photos for a press kit for use by media, business, government, and individuals. Includes photography for area organizations, events, and government entities. Assist Albert J. Ellis Airport with advertising, brochure supplies and photography.
  • Maintain an e-mail database of all inquiries from visitors.


  • Select various media (radio/television/print/social) tourism will use yearly to promote Onslow County to visitors and event planners.
  • Maintain distribution across the County of advertising activities to ensure all areas of the County are promoted.
  • Design/print area maps and/or Visitor Guides
  • Supply information and marketing materials to Coach/Tours/Groups/NC Welcome Centers, etc.
  • Monthly Chamber Connection Article (printed in Jacksonville Daily News)
  • Partner with Jacksonville-Onslow Sports Commission to co-promote sports-tourism events.
  • Monitor analytics and data to refine strategies with marketing partners.

Public Relations

  • Provide stories and photos for outside media looking for stories.
  • Help with accommodations when writers & photographers come to the area for stories
  • Help inform and train 800# call center workers.
  • Participate in Welcome Aboard Briefs for incoming military personnel and families
  • Participate in public events/meetings to provide information on tourism – festivals,
    military functions, expos, and TDA meetings – Jacksonville & Swansboro, Sports
    Commission, Economic Development, and Chambers
  • Provide technical assistance to event & festival planners with a budget with the county (ex. Economic Impact formula).
  • Periodic Familiarization Tours (FAMs)
  • Provide information to the State Tourism Office during emergency weather issues.
  • Attend Tourism Day in Raleigh with Legislators and showcase Onslow!
  • Attend the I-95N event that allows us to welcome visitors into the state with give-a-ways and information.
  • Maintain positions on Coast Host board, NC Festivals & Events Association board, and Eastern Region TAG and Heritage Project boards. Actively involved in NCTIA, SE Agritourism, Economic Development Board and STS.
  • Work with Visit North Carolina to provide learning opportunities from state-level (ex. TRAC, Economic Impact of Tourism, and Film Opportunities).

Services to Hotels

  • Supply hotels and tourism-related businesses along the coast with Onslow County Visitor Guides.
  • Supply a variety of brochures and Only in Onslow for every hotel room and beach rental in Onslow County.
  • Hospitality Training
  • Host Hotel/Motel Association meetings bi-monthly.
  • Work with potential new hotel properties to provide data for decision making.

Special Projects

  • Maintain 2 Civil War Sites and 4 Birding Trail Sites
  • Created and Maintain African-American Heritage Trail sites (AAHT)
  • Created and Maintain 12 New River Paddle Trail Sites.
  • Promote Wedding-related Travel and Tourism
  • Provide assistance for regional bike maps, wayfinding signage, and Federal heritage designation.