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Let’s Shellebrate NC Oyster Month

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🦪 The month of October is officially North Carolina Oyster Month!  Let’s shellebrate the history, culture, economy, and ecology of oysters, both #OnlyinOnslow and throughout the state!  Find out more about the NC Oyster Trail and check out our list of local events, oyster farms & tour operators as well as local eateries serving local fresh seafood and oysters!

Learn All About the Oyster Highway Project

Sturgeon City represents a unique concept, the conversion of a wastewater treatment plant into an environmental education center that provides hands-on science education programs and promotes the protection of coastal waters.


Ghost Fleet Oyster Company

Ghost Fleet Oyster Company farms oysters in Topsail Sound, with a focus on sustainability and education. They offer customized farm tours year-round. Take a sunset cruise, stop at a local restaurant, or stroll along a deserted island with your sweetie. Schedule your tour now on their website.

PHONE:  910-620-4385

Middle Sound Mariculture

Middle Sound Mariculture grows oysters in Masonboro, Stump, and Topsail Sounds. We especially enjoy their salty, buttery-rich Masonboro Pearls – eating these oysters is like getting a kiss from a mermaid. Plus they are named after the farmer’s daughter Pearl. Middle Sound Mariculture offers farm tours and sells oysters direct to you.

PHONE:  704-914-6174

Three Little Spats Oyster Company

Three Little Spats Oyster Company is the largest oyster farm in Stump Sound, producing oysters for year-round consumption. In Stump Sound — a shallow, mud-bottomed inlet long known for shellfish harvesting because of its location between the fresh waters of the New River and the salt waters of Topsail Inlet — you will see oyster farming on the rise. The unique environment of Stump Sound contributes to oyster flavor notes like salt, butter, and umami. Email for tour schedule.

PHONE:  919-697-6810

Carolina Beach Oyster Co.

Carolina Beach Oyster Co. sells CB Salts, oysters named for the high-salinity waters where they grow. Their oysters boast a flavorful and firm, textured meat with a kiss of crisp ocean brine and a Carolina mineral undertone finish. The company sells oysters on site and will deliver them to your door if you live near the southern N.C. coast. They also sell handmade shucking boards and knives.

PHONE OR TEXT:  315-651-5741

Salty Sistas

You’ll find Salty Sistas in Sneads Ferry featured as one of the eateries on the NC Oyster Trail. They offer an oyster bar with a variety of oysters from N.C. growers and beyond. They recycle 100% of their oyster shells in partnership with the NC Coastal Federation. At Salty Sistas, enjoy fresh local seafood, Maine lobster steaks, burgers, something yummy from the bakery, or a cold beer or drink at the bar. Seating is available outside and dog-friendly.

ADDRESS:  2004 NC-172, Sneads Ferry, NC
910- 741-0500
HOURS OF OPERATION:  Tuesdays & Wednesdays 11 am to 8 pm; Thursdays & Fridays 11 am to 11 pm; Saturdays 7 am to 11 pm; Sundays 8 am to 2 pm.

More Eateries Known for Oysters Throughout #OnlyinOnslow

When oysters are in season, Riverview Café in Sneads Ferry serves “oysters in the shell” pulled from Stump Sound, which is almost within view of the restaurant. Among oyster lovers, the Stump Sound variety is as good as it gets.  “They have a unique quality to them because of how the water washes in,” owner Andrew Terwilliger says. “There’s something special about them. I had a guy the other night who only wanted oysters if they were Stump Sound oysters.”

Jordan’s Smoke House & Seafood in Swansboro receives rave reviews for their great combination of North Carolina barbecue as well as seafood. Slide on up to their oyster bar and eat as many as you can! They serve oysters raw, steamed, and fried.

Relax dockside along the New River in Jacksonville, NC at Captain Bob Beck’s Marina Café and enjoy the great fall weather and the views along with a platter of freshly shucked or fried oysters, and a cold drink. Other attractions at this pet-friendly local eatery include riverboat cruises and live music.


👋🏾 From our rural coastal plains all the way to the coast, we look forward to seeing you, #OnlyinOnslow!